TID Technology Development Co. Ltd.

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West Dongfeng Dajie Road, Weinan High Technology Industrial Zone
Weinan, 714000

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Key Contact Personnel:
Amy, Sales Manager sale@tidpower.com
Year Founded: 1988
Total Number of Employees: 80
Total Number of Employees in Production: 50
Quality Certification: ISO 9001
Total Annual Sales: USD 10 to 20 million
Major Export Markets Served (2017): United States, Spain, Russia, Australia, Indonesia, Turkey, United Kingdom, Brazil, Vietnam, etc.
Range of Products Offered: Insulators, Bushings, Arresters, Fuse cutout, Fiberglass rod, Fiberglass tube, Live line tools



Suspension/Tension Type Insulators: 10 kV – 550 kV
Line-Post Insulators: 10 kV – 230 kV
Pin-Type Insulators: 11 kV – 33 kV
Station Post Insulators: 10 kV – 220 kV
Strain/Guy Insulators: 11 kV – 33 kV
Dead-End Insulators: 11 kV – 60 kV
Hollow Insulators: 11 kV – 550 kV
Railway Insulators: 1.5 kV / 3 kV /25 kV suspension/ post / cross arm / section / stay insulator
Switch/Bus Bar Insulators: 10 kV – 220 kV
Materials or Components for Insulators: Silicone rubber, FRP core rod, FRP
tube, ftting.
RTV Silicone/Other Coatings for Insulators: RTV and PRTV coatings
Annual Production Capacity: 4,000,000


12 kV – 550 kV Bushings. Use both indoors and outdoors. Wall bushing,
transformer bushing, etc.

Surge Arresters

3 kV – 230 kV Polymer Surge Arresters, IEC 60099-4
Home Distribution Type, Power Station Type, Protecting Capacitor Type, Transformer Neutral Point Type, Protecting Motor Type, Line Type, etc.

Fuse Cutout

Fuse cutout: 11 kV – 35 kV

Insulation Material

Fiberglass rod, Fiberglass tube, Live line tools