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For more than 60 years, TE Connectivity (TE) has supported the power distribution and power transmission in a wide array of industries, applications and environments. With a proven track record of advanced materials, reliable performance, lower installation costs and technical support, TE provides cable accessories, connectors and fittings, insulation and protection solutions for complex markets.

Generation Transmission & Distribution Industry
• Conventional Power • Substation • Mining
• Nuclear Power • Underground • Petrochemical
• Wind/Solar • Overhead • Railway
• Hydro-electric • Street Lighting • Shipbuilding

Key Contact Personnel:

Mark Westen,
Global Portfolio Director Insulation & Protection mark.westen@te.com
Frank Drumm, Global Portfolio Director Cable Accessories fdrumm@te.com
Alan Tse, Global Portfolio Director Connectors & Fittings alan.tse@te.com
Quality Certification: ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18000
Range of Products Offered: Low, Medium and High Voltage Cable Accessories, Insulators, Surge Arresters, Connectors and Fittings, Wildlife & Asset Protection.
TE Connectivity Product Lines: Axicom Insulators, Bowthorpe EMP Surge Arresters, Raychem Cable Accessories, Simel Connectors


Insulators Up To 1200 kV

Long-Rod & Line Post Insulators: Up to 500 kV
Dead-End Insulators: Up to 72 kV
Switch/Bus Insulators: Up to 72 kV
Railway Insulators: Strut and tension insulators, DC 1.5 kV up to AC 25 kV
Station Post Insulators:up to 400 kV, Composite Hollow Core insulators up to 1200 kV. Insulators for EHV Bushings up to 800 kV.

Surge Arresters Up To 800 kV

Low Voltage: Utility Arresters 230/440 V
Medium Voltage: Indoor/Outdoor: 5 kA, 10 kA, class 1 and 2
High Voltage: Polymeric & Porcelain: Class 2-5, up to 800 kV
Surge Counters: SC12, SC13, SC14 & SC15

Wildlife and Asset Protection

Insulating tube and tape, bushing covers, Medium Voltage Line Cover, Bird protection products, Squirrel guards, Insulating barrier boards.

Cable Accessories Up To 245 kV

Low Voltage: Heat shrink joints and terminations, Heat shrink molded parts & tubing, Cold applied products, Gel products, Resin joints and label-free materials.
Medium Voltage: Heat shrink and cold shrink joints and terminations, Separable connectors for switchgears and transformers.
High Voltage: Outdoor terminations, Switchgear and transformer terminations, Inline and shield break joints, Link boxes for cross bonding.

Connectors & Fittings Up To 1200 kV

Low Voltage: Insulation piercing connectors for low voltage insulated conductors
Medium Voltage: Overhead connectors for splicing, tapping, terminating bare & insulated conductors, Underground connectors for joining insulated cable
High Voltage: Substation and transmission line connectors up to 1200 kV