Salvi & C.

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Via E. Cosenz 32
Milano, I-20158

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Key Contact Personnel:
A. Tufari, President & CEO
C. D’Andrea, General Manager F.
F. Vismara, Sales Manager
R. Pasino, Technical Manager
G. Sangalli, R&D Manager
M. Doardo, Purchasing Manager
Year Founded: 1920
Total Number of Employees at Salvi & C.: 75
Quality Certification: ISO 9001:2008 valid until January 19, 2018
ISO 14001:2004 valid until January 9, 2020
Total Annual Sales: USD 20 to 50 million
Percent of Sales in Export Markets: 95%
Major Export Markets Served (2017): Brazil, Colombia, Libya, Egypt, Gulf Emirates, Canada, Saudi Arabia, USA, Chile, Turkey, Iraq, Ireland, Holland, Pakistan
Range of Products Offered: Hardware, Connectors and Fittings, damping system




Hardware and fittings for EHV transmission lines; galvanized or stainless steel hardware for overhead ground wire suspension/tension set; special fittings for OPGW (suspension/tension sets, downleads); vibration dampers for conductors up to 55 mm dia.; vibration dampers for ground wires (standard and OPGW); spacer-dampers for conductor bundles (twin, triple,quadruple, sextuple, and octagonal) with spacings from 400 mm to 600 mm; rigid spacers (twin, triple, quadruple) with spacings from 200 mm to 600 mm; suspension clamps (std or trunion type) for aluminum and copper conductors; aluminum compression dead-end clamps for monometallic and bimetallic conductors; aluminum alloy bolted strain clamps for aluminum conductors; special alloy bolted strain clamps for copper conductors; patented extruded aluminum alloy railway crossarms

Annual Production Capacity: 5000 tonnes

Total Number of Factory Workers: 35