EMCO Industries

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4th Floor National Towers, 28-Egerton Road
Lahore, 54000

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Key Contact Personnel:
Salem Rehman, Director Operations salem.rehman@emco.com.pk
Naseem A. Khan, G.M. (Sales & Marketing) naseem.khan@emco.com.pk
Saqib Aziz, Manager (Sales & Marketing) saqib.aziz@emco.com.pk
Rizwan Aslam, Manager (Production) rizwan.aslam@emco.com.pk
Samar Rashid, Depty. Manager (Production) samar.rashid@emco.com.pk
Year Founded: 1954
Total Number of Employees: 700 Number of employees in production: 550
Quality Certification: ISO 9001:2008
Total Annual Sales: USD 5 to 10 million (Average of last 3 years)
Percent of Sales in Export Markets: 15%
Major Export Markets Served (2017): Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Europe, Afghanistan
Range of Products Offered: Porcelain Insulators, Bushings, Arresters, Disconnector Switches


Insulators (Porcelain):

Disc-Type Insulators: Normal, Fog and Aeroform Type, Strength up to 160 kN, Dimensions 280 mm dia. 146 mm spacing, Standard IEC and ANSI
Line Post Insulators: Tie Top and Clamp Top Type, Rating 11 kV to 66 kV, Strength up to 12.5 kN, Dimensions 200 mm dia. 780 mm Height, Standard IEC, ANSI and BS
Pin Type Insulators: Rating 11 kV to 33 kV, Strength up to 15 kN, Dimensions 310 mm dia. 300 mm Height, Standard ANSI and IEC
Spool Insulators: Rating LV (0.4 kV), Strength up to 20 kN, Dimensions 125 mm dia. 125 mm Height, Standard ANSI
Strain/Guy Insulators: Rating LV (0.4 kV) to 33 kV, Strength up to 110 kN, Dimensions 120×120 mm, 220 mm Height, Standard ANSI
Cutouts: Rating 11 kV to 33 kV, Strength up to 20 kN, Dimensions 100 mm dia. 385 mm Height, Standard IEC
Railway Insulators: Rating 11 kV to 45 kV, Dimensions 200 mm dia. 542 mm Height
Station Post Insulators: Rating 11 kV to 500 kV, Strength up to 12.5 kN, Dimensions 335mm dia. 3650mm Height, Standard ANSI and IEC
Hollow Insulators: Up to 245 kV
Switch/Bus Insulators: Center Break Up to 245 kV
Annual Production Capacity: up to 7,000 tonnes


Surge Arrester Rating 11 kV to 245 kV, Dimensions 290 mm dia. 1620 mm Height, Standard IEC


Telefax: +92 42 36368119
Location of Manufacturing Plants: 19km-Lahore Sheikhupura Road, Lahore 54000, PAKISTAN
Telephone: +92 42 37168922 27 Telefax: +92 42 37168931

Sales Representation in Foreign Markets

Mr. Adnan Yavas
Mutay Enerji, SISTEMLERI SAN. TIC. Ltd
STI, Modern Keresteciler Sanayi, sitesi
5.SOK. No. 18 Saray Kazan/Ankara, Turkey
Fax. +90-6250590208, e-mail: ayavas@mutay.com.tr